Monday, June 5, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Then There Was That Thing With The Luggage

We proceeded to the baggage claim area. We passed carousel after carousel searching in vain for our flight number. We asked at an information desk and were told that SAS carousels were further down and around the corner. We headed further down and around the corner. We met another couple, coming in the opposite direction. They had sat directly in front of us on the plane as well as been directly in front of us in the immigration line. They informed us that they also could not find our shared flight information and so, by association, our individual luggage.

I located a board listing flight numbers and corresponding baggage carousels. Our flight number was not listed. Had we entered "The Twilight Zone"? Should I start looking for Rod Sterling? Had we been "Punked"? The four of us headed to the lost luggage counter and took call numbers, not unlike a delicatessen. As we stood in line waiting for our numbers to be called a man walked up to us pulling a cart carrying several suitcases.

"Are you from the Chicago flight?"

In answer we lunged at the cart like hyenas lunging on a carcass to reclaim our luggage. No explanation was given, either by the airline nor the poor man we had mobbed as we tore our bags off the cart. We walked through customs without being stopped and after well over 2 hours we were certain our ordeal was finally over.

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