Monday, June 19, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Hot Danish Sausage - An Aside

After a short while I noticed that the Danes are overall a tall people. If, in the middle ages, they were as proportionally tall I can understand why the Vikings were feared so much by the residents of the towns and villages they pillaged. I also noticed that they possess a larger than average number of larger than average powerful thighs. Perhaps this is a result of the Danish devotion to the bicycle. Our cab driver on the way to the airport said it was almost a religion.

These strong thighs, showcased in an assortment of shorts, tight slacks and snug jeans are a definite must see on anyone's Copenhagen checklist. In front of us on several of the lines for rides at Tivoli was a towering young man with exceptionally large teeth. I eventually came to the conclusion that their purpose was to balanced out his bulging quads crammed into stretch jeans like overstuffed sausages.....just making an observation, not complaining understand.

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