Monday, June 19, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens, the name is almost synonymous with Copenhagen. It is the second oldest amusement park in the world. Oddly, the oldest in the world is not to far outside the city. Perhaps this means that both Danes and blondes have more fun. Going through the historic gates we amused ourselves with the fun house mirrors situated on a wall near the entrance before moving on to the first of the rides we would go on that day, a roller coaster. It was one of three we rode during our visit, 2 of them twice. They were not scary so much as fun. I found myself gleefully laughing the entire time we were speeding along the tracks.

The rides are set amid lush, beautiful gardens, hence the name. As well as an assortment of waterfowl, peacocks, including an albino one, stroll the grounds and cavort in the water features. Flower beds are almost obscene with color.

We were spun around and turned upside down by the thrill rides. On one of the roller coasters, the cars fashioned like an old train, riders are taken on two almost sideways loops, picking up speed on the second one. That was one of the ones we rode twice. The most popular attraction is a roller coaster called The Demon. We were welcomed by a laid back young man, his feet kicked up, as he checked for the ride admittance bracelets on the people going through the turnstile. "Have fun" he said, flashing an adorable, teenaged smile. The mercifully short ride features three complete loops, coaxing constant screams and squeals from the passengers. There is something for everyone, even the youngest visitors. A carousel and mini roller coaster provide parents with a way to distract small children. On a small, child-sized version of an adult drop ride a young blonde girl laughed with delight as she rode it several times, on her final go around getting her handsome, well dressed father to climb aboard with her. There is also a children's fort and climbing wall in one corner of the park. Restaurants featuring everything from upscale dining to the usual midway fare abound.

Even though the park is open till 11 p.m. on Sundays by 9 we could feel the park, and the patrons still left, begin to close down. Only the most popular and thrilling of the thrill rides were operating, just a handful of people, mostly teenagers, on them.

After taking photos of the extravagant light displays on the rides and themed buildings in the dusk not quite dark of the evening. got did the sun go down late there, we climbed aboard the first roller coaster we had ridden that day for one final thrill, ending our visit where it had begun.

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