Monday, June 12, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - We Walked and Walked and Walked.......

Our first stop on our first full day in Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid statue seen from the land. We waited for the bus tour crowds to clear some before taking our turn to observe the legendary art work. I noticed the expression on her face is pensive, wistful, almost sad. Perhaps the model was just bored, or perhaps she was sore from spending so many hours posed in that awkward position.

We visited the nearby Kastellet, one of Northern Europe's first and pest preserved fortifications. It is still used by the Army to this day. We walked around the ramparts enjoying the views of the city. We traded photos with a couple from New Hampshire visiting Copenhagen as part of a cruise. We watched amused as two small children chased a duck across a lawn below before the annoyed bird flew off. We took a selfie by the windmill and were yelled at as my husband posed too closely to the small guard box near the installations entrance.

A family of swans, the parents with 4 babies, floated in the lake beside a beautiful Anglican church, one reaching it's long neck up to graze on the leaves of the weeping willow tree growing on the shore. More ducks, along with coots and gallinules shared the water.

We walked on to the palaces, which are arranged around a cobblestone courtyard. Guards, their uniforms with the large fur hats looking more like costumes, stand and march about.Although it was an activity shared by dozens of others, I will admit that it did feel odd photographing a soldier doing his job. Especially since the bayonets and guns they carry are properly lethal.

We wandered the streets. Took photos of an ancient church sitting in the middle of a block, turned at a random corner and came upon something wonderful.

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