Monday, June 5, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Notes From a Disheveled Mind

An 8 hour overnight flight. I can't say I slept, I rested. It was a little less than three hours to our destination. I got up and headed to the tiny airplane bathroom. I washed my face and made sure my legs still operated as they were supposed to. We were passing just south of Iceland. The air outside was a crisp, bracing 56 degrees below zero. At almost 40,000 feet the words of David Bowie's Space Oddity came to mind, "here am I sitting in a tin can", well, flying, but one gets the idea. I noticed for the first time that the Scandinavian Peninsula resembles the sexual organs of the human male. My mind craves caffeine.

Early after the flight took off they dimmed the lights on the plane. Some, like myself, closed our eyes and settled into the closest approximation one can get of slumber while sitting upright. Then, after an hour of whit I presume the airline assumed was nonsense, the lights were brought up full. Carts filled, literally filled, the aisles laden with libations and food. We ate, the lights were once again dimmed and I began to feel like I was a lab animal being subjected to some type of sleep deprivation/feeding experiment.

As the next day dawned, sooner than I felt it should have, were it being considerate, bright daylight reflected off of the cloud cover below. My only thought was that I hoped that by the following morning the time tested order of night and day would return to normal.  

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