Friday, June 16, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Our Room Upgrade

We wandered through the streets back to the hotel, received our card keys to our upgraded room, retrieved our luggage and made our way upstairs. Opening the door we were delighted to see our new digs. A pair of damask covered chairs flanked a small round table, two windows looked out on the charming street scene below. The beautiful white Swedish embassy was directly across from us. Viewed through the canopy of trees that flourished in the park like median strip a turreted brick building dating from 1855, which over the next few days I became quite fond of, stood on the corner,

There was noise from the street but we live in a city and are accustomed to that. As we attempted to cat nap before a planned evening walk a group of Danish men in suits and dress shirts sans ties played boccie ball in the strip. Since all of them were tall and fairly handsome this did not bother us too much.One passed out cigars to the others as a single, extremely pregnant woman sat on a bench off to one side. There was a group of middle aged women waiting for transport to some event or other chatting, loudly, on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. To our dismay they returned at 2 in the morning, presumably drunk from the sound of things, laughing equally loudly as they had been chatting before, until close to 3.

Occasionally in the alley behind our apartment in Chicago we hear women early in the morning,also presumably drunk, talking loudly. But they are usually arguing about who took who's man.

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