Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Our First Morning

Our hotel room was a nice, comfortable but curious affair. As we entered the gleaming, modern bathroom was to our right and a closet was located on the left. The major portion of the room was down a short flight of 3 steps. In one corner of it was a small, round table and a Scandinavian modern design chair. An equally modern style floor lamp graced another corner. There was a tiny keyhole window set in a wall that appeared to be 18" thick, which, coupled with the extraordinarily high ceiling gave me the feeling that I was bedding down every night in a medieval  tower. Not inappropriate considering Stockholm's long history.

Virtually every review of the hotel mentioned the expansive breakfast buffet included with the room. It certainly did not disappoint. We selected each morning from piles of sliced meats, baskets of breads and pastries, an array of cheeses, several varieties of herring (it was Sweden after all), eggs, cereals, coffee and at least 4 different juice options. The choices were dizzying.

Fortified, we returned to the room nnd amassed our provisions for the day before going downstairs to catch the waterbus heading to the island of Durgarden, an urban park home to several attractions including an amusement park, the aquarium and the Vasa Museum, one of the top items on our Stockholm checklist. A pair of swans glided by and a light rain fell as we waited at the dock under our umbrellas.

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