Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - Bike, Bike and Bike Some More

One of the activities we had planned and looked forward to was a day spent biking through Copenhagen. After the egg run breakfast we took off on the bikes we had rented from our hotel. They were heavy, sturdy, upright affairs which forced us to ride like the wicked Elmira Gulch from The Wizard of Oz. In case anyone wonders, riding on cobblestones is a teeth rattling experience.

Copenhagen map in tow we cruised through Christiania, Copenhagen's most hip neighborhood. We circled a small lake with an island in it's center. Trees were in full blossom, masses of queen anne's lace clustered at the water's edge. The scene was bucolic, beautiful and peaceful, if one ignored the garbage, homeless people and occasional heap of feces.

We then headed out to a palace and it's grounds pointed out to us by the charming desk clerk at our hotel. We pedaled past block after block of venerable facades interspersed with verdant green parks. Ducks and swans swam lazily in small lakes. Swan shaped boats plied the waters in one, the spires and turrets of buildings in the background created a photo worthy moment.

We locked up the bikes by the wrought iron gates of the former pleasure garden of the palace.We wandered through the tree shaded, green oasis. We rested on a bench looking across a vast lawn through the plumes of a fountain at the royal residence this space had been originally created for.

Heading back we ate lunch, later than we should have, both of us heavily fatigued, after stopping at a bike store so my husband could purchase a bell for his much loved bike at home. Revived we headed to the waterfront and towards our hotel. We retraced steps we taken that first day. We past again the pavilions used by the Queen when boarding her yacht. The royal gold and white vessel could be seen moored in the harbor. We rode through the palace courtyard and returned to the beautiful street that had been our home during our stay in Copenhagen.

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