Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Scandinavia 2017 - I Scream, You Scream

After packing up our dirty clothes and newly acquired Scandinavian treasures we ventured out to the Nordhavn, the place where our Copenhagen adventure began. We had passed a corner ice cream store several times over the last few days and decided it would be a nice way to wind up our final night. The early evening sun made the brightly painted buildings glow. We sat at a table savoring our farewell treat and watched people enjoy the feeling of being outdoors after, like us, suffering through the confines of winter's cold.

A burly young man did push ups against a bridge post. Another large, young, handsome Danish lad sat a table away facing us, his shorts slightly hiked up stretching over his now ubiquitous powerful Danish thighs. Others dined and drank at the tables of the outdoor restaurants there, these also becoming ubiquitous.

Some, like us, snapped photos on their phones.I wanted to change my Facebook profile picture. Later I decided to eschew the shots taken that evening in favor of a view captured earlier in the day of me standing beside my rented bike, Copenhagen's beautiful, 17th century Stock Exchange building in the background.

Before returning to the hotel we took a final stroll down the 300 year old street and bridges of the Nordhavn, seeking out the residences of Hans Christian Anderson, he lived at three different addresses on the street, and enjoying for a final time the sights and sounds of one of Copenhagen's most iconic scenes.


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    1. can't go inside them as people still live in them. Did use the bathroom in the restaurant we ate in, it was o.k.