Thursday, August 11, 2011

Houston 2011 Getting There

It is July and I find myself on a flight to Houston. The close confines of the modest American Eagle plane inspires cooperation among the passengers and I begin what turns into a 2 hour long conversation with the gentleman next to me. He is extremely tall and extremely  Texan. I also hold asides with the man in front of me. He corrects my pronunciation of Meyerland and later a joke passes between the 3 of us.

The tall Texan seated beside me assures me of the friendly and genteel nature of his fellow statesmen. He also begins to inform me of where the nightlife can be found. I soon realize from my scant knowledge of Houston that he is discussing heterosexual nightlife.This, in turn, makes me realize that he has no idea "which team I play for". I decide it's best not to enlighten him. Once we land, I bid my fellow travelers adieu and meet up with my hosts.

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