Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let the Rains Begin!

As I sit writing, it appears the long awaited rain may have begun thanks to a tropical storm making it's way up the gulf. We have been tracking it's progress the last two days and speculating on whether or not it would bring some relief to the drought stricken area. Presently, it has me trapped under the tent which sits over the deck of the house. Even as it will make getting back into the house problematic, I will not complain as any amount of water, even that provided by a brief shower, is sorely needed and exceedingly welcomed by the residents in this are of Texas. I call home and hold up the phone to share the sound of the rain pounding the canvas shelter above me. Stepping into the house during a break in the shower, the news is reporting that similar storms should be expected during the rest of the day as the outer bands of the storm move over the thirsty city. The rain has diminished to a light mist and the sweet smell of damp earth envelopes me.

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