Saturday, August 13, 2011

Houston - The Drive Back

Returning to the country road we made our way to a gay campground. Although, it being midweek, the campground was empty, the owner, an acquaintance of  my host, gave us a tour. Trailers owned by the regular weekend guests were scattered about. Some were embellished by decks or tented outdoor pavilions. A small, tiered fountain stocked with goldfish burbled, it's sound giving us a feeling of some relief from the Texas heat.

We sat for a time chatting with one of the owners. He mentions how quiet and somewhat lonely the camp is during the week. Particularly when compared to the shenanigans that occur on the weekends when the camp is full.

On our drive back to the city, we pass a wildlife preserve along the road. There are goats and cattle housed there as well as an emu and a small herd of deer. In some pastures along the road we see the iconic Texas longhorn steer.At one point we spy roadkill in the form of an armadillo making me feel as if I am getting the full Lone Star State experience.

As we re approach the urban area we stop for dinner at a Texas barbecue joint. It is a fitting conclusion to my Texas hill country adventure.

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