Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houston - Our Last Supper...And Lunch

We had lunch in the Melrose district at a restaurant which, again, makes excellent use of the vintage bungalows in the area. There are two neighboring houses. They are connected by a tented area between them holding additional dining space to that found inside. There is a deck in front of one of the houses and a garden in back for outdoor dining during temperate weather. July is not temperate....we ate inside.

For dinner that evening I had decided to treat my hosts to my homemade crab cakes, a recipe our friends insist could be award winning. A friend of theirs joined us. I discovered I was one can of crab short and their friend is a vegetarian so he and I decided to make a quick grocery run to the Walmart supermarket that was "just around the corner". After a 10 minute car journey, I began to realize that "just around the corner" has a somewhat different meaning in Houston than it does in Chicago. We enjoyed dinner, cocktails and conversation but called it an early night as their friend had to work the next morning and I was flying back home the next day. At the airport  I bid my hosts goodbye, thanking them for their generosity, and strolled into the air conditioned terminal to await my flight.

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