Sunday, December 28, 2014

Costa Rica - Our Divine Guide and Merry Band

I have often, while traveling, been lucky. Hence the name of this blog. This occasion was no different. Part of the charm of this tour was due to the other people we shared this adventure with. At the farewell dinner we said goodbye to several that had, over the course of the tour, become friends. As we spoke with other members of the tour group it was clear that we all felt we had been a part of something special. For 9 days a group of people of different backgrounds came together as a community. We were kind and considerate of one another. We shared life stories, laughed, joked and experienced together a unique and beautiful place. Wildlife sightings were treated with almost childlike enthusiasm. Natural wonders were greeted with shared awe.

Our guide was the catalyst. She was young, charming, intelligent and energetic. Her national pride was evident. She was radiant as she shared with us her extensive knowledge and her deep love for her country and what makes it unique and special. Exuberant and gleeful, she was sweet, her enthusiasm infectious, down to her farewell hug to each of us as we boarded the shuttle for the airport. She was truly one of a kind and we owe a debt to her for bringing this group together and making this trip a truly magic moment in time.

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