Saturday, December 27, 2014

Costa Rica - A Waterfall of Tranquility

Our last activity was a tram up a densely forested mountainside. By this point a sense of camaraderie had developed among many of the members of the tour group. We glided gently up the mountain. A waterfall flowed below us catching in pools before continuing it's downward plunge. The tram started at the lowest point in the forest canopy moving through the mid point before reaching the forests highest level and making it's turnaround. As we descended the view was expansive. The untouched wildness of the forest around us, 80% of it had never seen human hands, covered the mountains. In the distance we were gifted with one last look at the Pacific Ocean. Closer up we were given a view of a group of toucans playing in a tree. As we returned to the bottom we shared the wonderful sense of tranquility and serenity the forest's natural beauty had bestowed on us.

One last surprise awaited me. Driving to our hotel a group of spider monkeys cavorted in a short tree. There are 4 kinds of monkeys found in Costa Rica. Although I saw 2 of the species for only an instant this still made me 4 for 4!

The rain began again. The water poured down the mountains filling the gutters on the side of the road. Even when a small mudslide briefly slowed us down it did not dampen the spirits of our group.
We showered and dressed in the best we had with us for the farewell dinner that evening. We toasted one another and traded memories, addresses and e mails. We all knew we had been part of something very special.

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