Sunday, December 21, 2014

Costa Rica - Thunder and Lightening, Very, Very Frightening

As I've mentioned the roads in Costa Rica tend towards tiny 2 lane affairs devoid of any artificial lighting. The traffic jam that day had delayed us and the night was beginning to creep in. Adding to the problem of the lack of light was a spectacular yet grim and vicious thunderstorm breaking out around us. Flashes of lightening followed by loud claps of thunder were accompanied by a heavy pelting rain. We were gladdened by two things, we were within the dry confines of the bus and our driver had proved himself by this point more than competent.We moved through the storm once again amazed by nature but this time in a somewhat different way than we had been amazed by nature earlier in the day. The scene outside was indecipherable. Occasionally lights from the homes and businesses of the towns scattered along the way would reveal people walking through the storm trying in vain to keep dry under umbrellas. Occasionally a flash of lightening would illuminate, for an instant, our surroundings.

Our driver wound cautiously along the winding roads through the storm and eventually we reached the town which serves the visitors to Manuel Antonio National Park. We were met by hotel staff who handed us large golf umbrellas as we got off the bus to keep us in a semi arid state till we reached the covered reception area. After our luggage, remarkably dry, was delivered to our room we moved downstairs, once again umbrellas in hand, to the hotel's restaurant for dinner. After our treacherous travel that night the hour long, open bar happy hour was welcomed by all.

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