Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Venice - Ode to a Shower

The following morning I took another of several incredible, almost life changing showers. The shower in our room not only had the standard overhead sprays but also 8 others, two rows of 4 running down the wall. You were hit from above, as usual, while the other jets massaged you at different places down your back, or front depending on which direction you were facing. A quick rinse off in this room was not an option. While someone is in the shower the oohs, aahs, moans and groans make it sound like they are having very enjoyable sex. As a matter of fact, a choice between mediocre sex and this shower would be a difficult decision to make. If the sex partner has a shower like this the shower just might last longer than the sex.

My partner priced this shower set up when we returned to the states.....we can't afford it so it shall only remain a delicious memory.

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