Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phoenix - Upon Arrival

Hugs and hellos are exchanged as I am picked up at the airport and am whisked away to dinner. They have chosen a place with outdoor dining, as, it being February, it is something I have small chance of experiencing at home this time of year. While the establishment is not "gay" it is gay friendly and it seems largely gay staffed. One of my hosts is enamored of our bespeckeled waiter. I, on the other hand, am eyeing the heavily tattooed piece clearing of one the tables. It is somewhat reassuring to know that he and I will never fight over men.

The temperatures are expected to be in the 70's and 80'S, a far cry from the winter weather Chicago is notorious for. I look forward to relaxing in the sun and enjoying the company of one's who hold a special place in my life. My cares, stress and worries are neatly packaged and stored at home. I am certain they will be there when I return, but for the next few days they are there and I am here with a thousand miles between us.

We dine, catch up, swap stories and upon arriving at their home I retire at 10 as I am still on central time and have spent much of the day traveling here.

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