Saturday, March 31, 2012

Phoenix - You Can Eat Fish During Lent

We hit the gym again this morning. The back wall of this location is wall to wall, floor to ceiling glass, which gives you an expansive view of the landmark Camelback Mountain, so named because it resembles a kneeling camel. Seeing it at dusk, in silhouette, as we drove to Tempe Saturday night, it even more closely resembled the animal for which it is named. The scene out the gym window looked serene and almost pastoral; until a golf cart rolled by. The verdant green field was actually the 9th hole of one of the ubiquitous golf courses of Phoenix.

I once again catch rays until a wind brings in a cool front, which lasts for the remaining duration of my visit.

At home I am known for my crab cakes. They are either really good or all of our friends are big liars. We take a trip to the store to pick up the ingredients. My host and I prepare dinner and chat for several hours waiting for his partner to return from work. He and I make plans to visit a museum the next day as the cool front would not allow another languid afternoon in the sun. I guess I could attempt to lay out but my nipples would get extremely hard and as happens when a man enters very cold water above his waist my....well never mind.

I relate to my host that all this relaxing to which I am so unaccustomed is leaving me disoriented as I bid adieu to another delightfully wasted day.

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