Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Montreal - Our Last Night

Our final night we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner in the old town. We dressed in the best we had with us and took the short walk there. After perusing several menus we chose a spot and sat at one of the outdoor tables as the night was warm and comfortable, as sometimes September nights can be.

There was a convention in town so a number of business dinners were taking place in the old town that night. With the advent of casual office attire, many men look uncomfortable when forced into the unfamiliar confines of a suit and tie. This feeling was evident in many of the men in the area that evening. They appeared like young boys tugging at their collars and shifting their shoulders inside jackets that no longer fit well as they were purchased several years, and pounds, ago.

The food was excellent and the waiters charming and efficient. One was telling his table about the lovely old building across the street. He described the wealthy woman who owned it as resembling Cruella De Ville. As we all broke into laughter he tried to explain that he meant the comparison in a good way. I have thought about this several times since then and have never come up with a way to make a comparison to Ms De Ville a compliment.

After dinner we strolled through Old Montreal one final time, discussing the sights that we had seen and also the ones we had not, giving us an incentive to return.

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