Monday, September 26, 2011

Gay Cincinatti - The Early 1980's

That evening my roommate was determined to show me gay Cincinnati. His mother said several times that she did not want my roommate to drive the car when he had been drinking. I insisted that this would not happen. I lied.

We visited several bars that night. At one point, walking to one bar, it began to snow very lightly. Growing up in California this was new to me. Now living in Chicago, it was a snow not worth mentioning, a late October snow by my present standards, and easily ignored. However, in that time and place it gave a pleasant holiday glaze to the evening.

The bars were average. Particularly when compared to the hedonistic, drug fueled gay bar and club scene ubiquitous in San Francisco in the early 1980's. Accustomed to either new wave kids in bright, inventive fashion or thickly muscled, sweaty, shirtless men in tight levis, a smaller cities bars were given a high bar to jump.

After a couple of hours of flirting and playing the fool, we returned to Ludlow and went to bed after the long day.

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