Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Montreal - On Sunday We Went to Church

Sunday we decided we would investigate the historic architecture of the financial district and visit the cathredral,which we were informed was a "must see" destination.

As we left the hotel that morning, we asked the desk staff for recomendations for breakfast. As it was prime Sunday breakfast hour, the resturant that they suggested was running at capacity but we were seated quickly and placed our orders. When our meals arrived they were accompanied by mounds of fresh fruit. There were fruit slices over the straws in our drinks. Strawberries, slices of melon and pineapple and apples cut to resemble curling ribbon almost buried the traditional eggs, toast and potatoes. Waddling out of the resturant and full of vitamin C we boarded the metro to head to the business district.

During the ride we noticed a very handsome and well built Canadian lad texting. My friend murmered "Oh baby, text me in French." I suggested that his text probably read "There are 2 stupid Americans on the train" in French of course.

The older buildings of the financial district were beautifully ornamented and also showed the French influence evident in many of the older portions of the city. As it was Sunday, the streets were quiet and almost deserted. Our footsteps echoed in the urban canyons as we wandered admiring the architecture of the area.

The cathedral is a jewel box of stained glass, carved wood and soaring organ pipes. The windows, depicting scenes from Canadian history in rich lush colors, look medeival in their design and inspiration. There is also a smaller chapel with a ultra modern motif, but it pales in comparison to it's larger cousin.

After lunch on the outdoor deck of one of the resturants on the main square in the old town, we visited a 19th century shopping arcade. One of the vendors suggested that since the following day was Monday and most museums and state run historical sites would be closed, that we should take in the view from Mt Royal, the highest point in the city.

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