Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Short Note on Grecian Men - Circa 1973

I have previously written about the summer my family and I spent traveling through Europe. One of the countries visited on that trip was Greece. Over the years, many things have been written and said regarding the swarthy, hot, studliness of the Grecian man. If one is to judge using the criteria of their ancient artwork, this reputation is not entirely unwarranted. Allow me to share a couple of my personal recollections with you.

We are at a service station getting gas, standing just inside the mechanics garage. Through a doorway comes a rather short man, bare chested, wearing worn, tight jeans. His large full muscles are straining beneath his olive skin due to the fact that he is carrying, in his massive, strong, rippling arms...A CAR ENGINE! At the time I had not yet come to terms with my sexuality. The repressed part of my brain told me that I was merely impressed by his great strength and was admiring his mega pumped, chiseled physique from an aesthetic, almost artistic standpoint. Like the appreciation one has when viewing the before mentioned Grecian sculpture. The deeply buried, unrepressed part of my brain wanted me to run my hands and tongue all over him.

I recall a host of young men in Greece. Many with tousled ,curly, black hair and well developed bodies.

My other most vivid memory is of three men. They are thick,defined, powerful and all wearing the tiniest of Greek bikinis, sharing a shower beachside. Nothing homoerotic about that......

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