Monday, October 12, 2015

Bike Rides, Lighthouses, Temples and More

Just prior to the autumn equinox sun and warmth clung to the last few days of summer. We headed north. The day was quiet. It was Monday and children were in school, adults at work. The northbound lakefront path was lightly traveled. We rode through Evanston's Lakeshore Historic District, past blocks of large, venerable homes that suggest lives of wealth and priviledge. Coming to the Northwestern campus we were met with the sight of scores of students rushing to their 10 o'clock class across the park like campus with it's imposing gothic architecture. I thought about the generation that seperates their life from mine, reflecting on what they might encounter as time moves forward. 

We stop at Gross Point Lighthouse, a white finger pointing skyward surrounded by lawns and beds of late season flowers. Small waves created a soul soothing sound as they lapped against the shore.

We continue north to the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. It is contemporary beauty inspired by ages old tradition, it's landmark dome an intricate network of shapes and images. Surrounded by gardens, fountains and reflecting pools it's setting is calming and spiritual. As we near it a deer nonchalantly crosses the street ahead of us followed by a speckled fawn, playfully bounding after it as if aware of the few warm days of summer left before the cool, color filled autumn months and then the cold of winter sets in.

We moved onward to a nearby park. We admire the outdoor theatre there and revel in the mix of lake, clear, sunny sky and late summer green. Spying a tiny harbor which created a picturesque tableau of sailboat masts and trees with the temple's dome rising above we stop to take a photo.

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