Friday, June 29, 2012

A Summer Storm

In the midst of a stream of beastly hot summer days I watched this morning as the radar showed a large area of red, yellow and green moving in our direction. Outside it grew increasingly dark, the clouds arranging themselves in rolling layers. The rain fell, hard, accompanied by a background chorus of lightening and thunder.

As the rain moved on it left in it's wake a sensation of freshness. The air, thick and oppresive for the last few days, feels soft. A sweeet scent that can almost be felt seems to float on it. The soil, grass, plants and trees, baked in the recent heat appear refreshed by the cool, damp air.

I know the heat will return. However, for now, I will relish and enjoy these moments when the air is cleansed, winds are calm and our portion of the earth feels renewed. 

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