Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thoughts on a Quote

Kenko, a 14th century Japanese essaist wrote, "Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting, gives one the feeling that there is room for growth."

This is, in part, how I feel about my writing these posts. As I continue writing and exploring my written voice I am experiencing growth. On a larger scale it is how I feel about life. Our lives are never complete. Even after our deaths the influence we have on those around us during our lifetimes may inspire them to explore. There are those fortunate few that influence history and the world such as through literature, art or philosphy, inspiring self reflection and growth. This exploration and reflection is born of interest which therefore promotes personal, spritual and intellectual development and  growth.

Time and history themselves are, by their very nature never complete. They are ongoing, incomplete, and in being so interesting. I strive never to consider my life or relationships complete because they would then become uninteresting. As long as I live and have the ability to reason I will always strive to continue to grow. I will always work to make my life, if to noone other than myself, a journey that is always interesting and never complete.

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