Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Tale of the Laser Light and the Mirror Ball

6 years ago we moved into our condo. It is modest but adequate, 950 square feet with a 3 foot by 12 foot balcony. Many of our friends live nearby, one across the street. The day we closed on the unit we went to the condo with our real estate agent, a dear friend of not only ours but also the friend across the street. Realizing we could see his balcony from ours we called him. He came out on his balcony and we waved to one another.

Some time later, while discussing our close proximity to one another, and my partner's silly, often questionable behavior, not mention his, our friend asked me "So you know about the laser light and the mirror ball?" My partner over time has collected several mirror balls of various sizes. I replied that I did, indeed know about the laser light and the mirror ball.

Later still my partner, during a conversation queried "So you know abort the laser light and the mirror ball?" Once again I answered yes.

Full disclosure, I DO NOT NOW KNOW NOR HAVE I EVER KNOWN ABOUT THE LASER LIGHT AND THE MIRROR BALL. Furthermore, from the manner in which they have both asked me about it, I hope I never, ever find out exactly what happened with the laser light and the mirror ball.

Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

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