Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amsterdam - A Final Look

Although we enjoyed our time in Amsterdam, it, like my former hometown of San Francisco, suffers from a malady I call the "hipper than thou syndrome". Both are relatively small cities. Both are somewhat provincial due, perhaps to their small size. They wear their reputations of tolerance on their sleeve. Everyone strains so hard to be tolerant, hip and up to the minute that they are blind to the amount of money and energy it takes to reside there,. They seem almost self conscious and so try a little too hard, instead of  being satisfied with their innate charm and accepting what they are. Unlike San Francisco, Amsterdam does have two world class museums and hundreds of years of history. The respect shown for the ages old architecture is evidenced by all of the graffiti we saw being confined to the metal shutters which protect the windows of the shops and restaurants. It is unique, it is beautiful, however, it, unlike other places I have visited, does not create in me a yearning to return.

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