Sunday, January 22, 2012

Degrees of Separation - Step Nieces

I have decided to embark upon a recurring segment to these posts regarding degrees of separation. As the well know play and movie theorize, everyone can be connected to anyone else, however loosely or vaguely, by six degrees of separation. While I doubt the truth of that, it is entertaining to occasionally explore how close to other random people I can come. Having spent much of my adult life in retail, and all of my adult life in densely populated cities, I have perhaps encountered more people than average. Therefore, it may be easier for me to "connect the dots" than others. However, if you begin to think on it you might be surprised at what you can come up with.

I'll begin with 2 encounters involving "step nieces".

As a retail manager one of my tasks is to make the bank deposits for my store. There is a teller there I gotten to know. One of her aunts was married, at one time, to the actor Victor Mature. Although she has never met the aunt, or Victor, she has connected me, loosely and vaguely, to the well known movie star.

Then there is the occasional customer in our store. Although she has thousands (and thousands and thousands) of dollars worth of jewels in her safety deposit box, she will wear our faux pieces due to the exorbitant insurance costs associated with wearing her real things in public. She is from a wealthy family with middle east connections. Her aunt was married to the Sultan of Brunei.

Although I have been referred to, and sometimes refer to myself, as a queen, I think this is the closest I may ever get to true royalty.

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