Friday, January 13, 2012

A Character Study - My Roommate

In my postings about my Christmas holiday in Cincinnati I often mentioned my roommate who I made the trip with. Although our 3 years sharing our rambling San Francisco flat were filled with many moments both madcap and somber, there is one singular episode which might characterize him best.

One evening friends of mine, one of whom was a longtime bartender at the club I frequented, picked me up on the way to an art showing at the club. My roommate asked if he could hitch a ride with us as his destination that evening was on the way to ours., After dropping him off the bartender said to me, "I didn't know he was your roommate." I replied that he was and had been for a couple of years at that point. The bartender replied "She was a real madwoman in her day." I could barely wait to get home and relay this to him.

Upon telling him he instantly owned the comment and wore it as a badge of honor. For weeks afterward he was informing everyone he met, gesturing towards me, "One of his friends said the nicest thing about me".....

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