Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yellowstone - Senic Beauty

The wildlife of Yellowstone wanders through a place of awesome scenic beauty. Our first day the trees and ground carried a blanket of brilliant white snow. When it melted autumn gold meadows with patches of purple sage were revealed. Rising high above them were sheer rugged cliffs of limestone and prehistoric volcanic rock dotted with evergreens. In the distance, majestic snow covered mountains could be seen . Sulfurous steam from the park's geothermal features floated across the fields and meadows. The high altitude allows one to cross the Continental Divide several times as you travel the winding roads.

A massive wild fire in 1988 burned 40% of the park. Some mountainsides were untouched by the fire and boast large stands of old growth forest. In the fire affected areas young trees have taken root among the remains of their charred ancestors, growing thick and lush. Occasionally you can see a more mature tree, miraculously spared by the fire, standing tall among it's younger brothers.

Lakes, wetlands and the rivers that snake through the meadows complete the visual feast of this very special place. 

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