Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yellowstone - We Came All This Way and We Can't Get In

The snow continued through the night. We attempted to enter the park at 8:00 a.m. the next morning only to be informed that it was closed due to hazardous driving conditions. We were told to try back in an hour and a half. We killed time, along with several other tourists , in the one store that was open at that hour, the log cabin Western Store/Service Station. When we returned to the park we were told that only one 30 mile stretch was open from the western entrance, where we were, to Old Faithful. We paid the entrance fee and made our way into the park. People told us later how lucky we were to see the park covered in snow by car as the roads close in early November before most big storms arrive. Due to the amazing, sometimes otherworldly nature of the features of Yellowstone, traveling those 30 miles took us over 2 hours.

Eventually we arrive at the historic Old Faithful Inn with it's beautiful, soaring, almost cathedral like log walled lobby and the iconic geyser located just outside it's doors. Old Faithful and the other sights we saw over the 3 days of our visit were some of the most remarkable I have ever had the pleasure and good fortune to experience.

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