Monday, October 17, 2011

Artfully Armed in Cincinatti

During our stay the Cincinatti Art Museum hosted a special exhibition entitled "Arms and Armor". It was an array of armor and armaments on loan from the collection of the Tower of London. One of the centerpieces of the exhibition was a suit of armor worn by King Henry the Eighth. It was housed in a glass case which sat on a raised dias. Wondering how our stature compared to King Henry's each of us stood nest to the armor on the platform. Apparently this was not allowed, as we were told by a guard in language that could not possibly be misunderstood.

A small group of unmistakeably gay men wandered through the exhibit. My roommate exclaimed "Boys!" When my date told him to return his tonuge to his mouth my roommate went on to say "Common garden variety. It was just so refreshing to see." We lived in San Franacisco at the time which teemed with gay men of every variety, Cincinnatti did not.

We dined that evening in a resturant just outside the city. As we stopped for gas the young kid working at the station gave us an odd smile as he handed my date his credit card slip through the driver side window and said "Have fun guys!" A few moments later my date realized "He saw the pot" which was in a bag plainly visible on the armrest between the two front seats. My roommate, sitting in the back seat, scanned our animal trimmed attire and said, "Oh great. Now there's going to be an APB for 3 queens in fur coats." I am happy to report that we reached the resturant without further incident.

Once there, we watched and waited as my roommate cracked and ate an entire crab. This evening my roommate paid his own way. I, however, was still the guest of the well to do doctor. Albiet, after bidding him farwell the next morning, I was back on my own dime.

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