Sunday, June 12, 2011

Notes on a Gay Cruise - Reflections on the Flight Home

A patchwork flows below me 
I have seen many times before
Small cities by waterways
varied colored blocks
bisected by lines
Roads leading other places
As I return home 

I have empathy with those who bear a mantle of bitterness and sadness. In my own life I have had periods of despair and disappointment. I have had to learn patience and in my middle age attempted to always view the glass as half full. I have learned to be resourceful. It has not always been easy but over the years I have become, as a friend recently remarked "Like a cat, always landing on your feet". However, like a cat, I have sometimes had to twist and turn to do so.

No regrets. I have said for many years now that, about the life I have lived, the choices I have made and where those choices have led me I have no regrets.

During this cruise I have learned about places I knew little about before and visited one place I have wanted for some time to see. By writing this, I have discovered how much I enjoy this form of expression and am determined to find a time and place for it in my day to day existence. I may revisit the poetry I wrote in my teens to develop and understand my written voice. By developing my voice through the written word I may be able to peel away layers of protection I have created to uncover what lies within. I do not know what I may find but will have no regrets about what I may discover.

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