Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notes on a Gay Cruise - Day 1 - At Sea

After 36 hours of occasionally rocky seas, giving me a new understanding of the term "tempest tossed" I sit in a ships solarium overlooking the gabled, tropical hued buildings of Williamstad on the island of Curacao. Don't get me wrong - the seas, although rough were of a brilliant, sapphire blue color I have never before witnessed. But now we are docked and still as fluffy clouds drift over the green tropical foliage and, unfortunately, refinery smokestacks. However, as I mentioned to newly acquired friends, they are what pays for the beautiful hues of the historic district. Today we will wander the streets and I will be able to cross one more place off of my "Places to see Before I Kick List".

However, before our shore excursion. I shall bring this up to date so far. Met two other cruise passengers at the hotel bar. Being "antsy" the three of us cabbed it to the ship leaving my two other friends to follow us later. My accommodations are spacious, well appointed and I am pleased and quite comfortable, in spite of being bounced about a little due to being directly over the bow of the ship as it chugged through the water on the way to our first port of call. Since boarding, my time has been spent drinking and dining (and dining and dining, the food kicks serious ass) and dancing more in the past 24 hours than the last couple of years combined. Many of the "boys" on the ship, although aloof (read rude) at first, seem to be loosening up a bit now. Or perhaps I have sifted down to the good ones leaving the "Glamour Queens" to their cliques and mirrors. Perhaps the costumes of yesterday's parties have brought a more relaxed tone to these proceedings.

Imagine, if you will, a "Dog Tag" party in the afternoon with the participants attire ranging from camouflage underwear to Boy Scout Master uniforms dancing around the pool (to music that I found better than  expected ). Myself, with my 2 new found friends in the middle of the maelstrom, a massive smile plastered across my face. This is followed in the evening with these same men decked out in sequins, feathers, masks and, in some cases, next to nothing, enjoying another (in what will become a series in coming days) dance party. The boat rolls underneath us as strong waves move it to and fro. I am tranquil, relaxed and will return to my day to day existence with renewed energy and fresh memories to add to the many I have been fortunate enough to store over the years.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more. I have been on many cruises including ones where I was part of a large gay group among the passengers but I have never been on a "Gay" cruise. A friend once described the experience as; "Picture a Bullseye - the center is the pool. outward from there are concentric circles of men stratified by their body fat percentage. The smaller the number the closer to the pool. Anyone with a number larger than 8 was encouraged to stay below decks during daylight hours."