Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Note on a Gay Cruise - I Lost Track of the Days - Aruba

The sea eagle floats
Past the white wisps
set in a blue sky
Rich green mountains
wearing an occasional
crown of palms
Confident of their beauty
yet comfortable with it
Their lack of arrogance
only adding to their

If you have ever sat off the coast of St Lucia you will no doubt understand why I am sitting transfixed as I write this. Lush green hills dotted with houses and buildings drop into the still water. Sea Eagles float in the azure sky dotted with fluffy white clouds. It is difficult to turn my attention to the page as it prevents me from observing, awestruck, this stunning little emerald jewel in it's aqua setting. Small green mountains undulate in rows looking as if they should sink under the weight of their heavy green velvet cloaks. I understand that it was a difficult island to colonize as the invaders were repeatedly repelled by the native people - I, if I had been born native here also would have tried to protect  and keep this inland as my own.

My later bus tour of the island revealed an island of lush tropical beauty held in the grip of some of the most crushing poverty I have ever witnessed, The people you see from the windows of the bus seemed to carry an air of both anger and desperation. However, the guides and shopkeepers, i.e. those people who were employed, were extremely gracious and seemed to hold a true concern for their less fortunate neighbors. My only regret is that my tour did not include the twin peaks that the island is known for. I later learned that they can only be seen from the air or water.

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